Marketing Training Programs are the future of marketing. Marketing is an ever-evolving field. In one decade, the whole marketing game has gone from commercial television to digital and online channels. That is why learning marketing skills and keeping yourself upgraded is the key to success.

Marketing Training Programs

Here are a few practical and game-changing marketing training programs that are available online. These courses will allow you to develop a stronger identity as a marketer and help you grow better at your digital strategy.

1. CoSchedule Academy

CoSchedule Academy is an iconic name in email marketing campaigns. They provide training in IRL marketing frameworks that will promise the trainee email marketing strategy, getting them 850,000 subscribers.

The course is comprehensive with content marketing, project management, marketing strategy, social media strategy, and SEO training modules. The trainers are experienced professionals with outstanding digital marketing credentials.

They are proud boasters of 700K+ followers of their blog and a million subscribers to their email subscription list. The module has more than 30 million subscribing professionals worldwide who are training through the portal.

The full course is available at $250 a year, while some features are free for you to get the feel of the module.

2. Certification in Content Marketing by AMA:

AMA stands for the American Marketing Association, and its certification in content marketing is a highly regarded course. A significant benefit of getting the certification is that you gain market credibility.

The course comprises of complete and detailed training on significant aspects of content development. Production, promotion, planning, strategy, and assessment of the content are substantial parts of the course outline.

It’s a highly regarded course that is virtually a pre-requisite to work in the Western market. The full program costs $349, and you can attempt the exam thrice.

3. Content Marketing Course by UC Davis:

The University of California, Davis campus, provides one of the highly-regarded marketing training programs. The course focuses less on the writing process and more on content marketing. This course allows the student to learn content marketing tactics and fully utilize analytics to their benefit.

The course is available for free, and you can audit the content of the module without any financial bondage. If you like the content and want the certification on your CV, you can take a $49-official certificate by UC Davis.

4. Content Package by the Content Marketing Institute:

We would be remiss if we did not discuss the content courses offered by CMI – Content Marketing Institute. Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi are the star players of the content marketing world. These two have personally developed a highly-engaging and useful package of material for you to use.

The course costs $995 and is worth every penny. You will gain valuable tips and industry insights from experts through seminars, webinars, practical experience, and other training modules.

5. Create Content That Sells by Udemy

It is a self-proclaimed Masterclass in marketing training programs that will explain the significant aspects of content marketing. If you are working in the industry for many years, it is a complete waste of your money. If you are new to the field, then it is perfect for you.
The course focuses on the steps you need to take to execute a digital marketing strategy. It is detailed, highly reliable, and will train you well. The complete course cost $199.

6. Content Strategy for Professionals by Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a high-quality academic institution that is offering a content marketing specialization through Coursera. The content focuses on training clients in adding value to their customer’s experience.

The capstone research focuses on a real-life client, whose content you will deliver. It is a highly-engaging program that is well-regarded by modern content marketing gurus. But mainly, if you are confused about various aspects of content marketing, then the program will clear it up for you.

7. Content Marketing Certificate by the New York Times

The School of the New York Times is a modern center of content creation and delivery. The institute launched the Content Marketing Certificate to train students in native advertising and how to advertise in the modern world effectively.

If you are focused on advertising campaigns in your day job, this super expensive $1500 marketing training program is your best investment. You will learn how to conduct native advertisement campaigns from the best in the business.

The course will train you in the primary content marketing approaches, methodologies, and strategies to grow your marketing strategies. It’s the best place in the world to learn to sell. If you are genuinely committed to your craft, then it is worth the significant investment.

8. Promote A Business with Content by Google Academy

Simple, direct, and mainly for the newbies, the course is there for the beginners to understand all the portals. The module is free and available for you to try out. Even though, itis ok if you do not like it, you will not need to pay any money. But it is an excellent way to establish yourself as an authority on content creation.

9. SEO Specialization Certificate by UC Davis

It is a beginner course, which costs you $49 a month. If you want to learn SEO, it is a great place to start. The content, however, focuses on training the real skills.

It will explain the algorithms in the SEO analytics, help you choose keywords and manner in which to incorporate the keywords into the content. Now, you will become an expert in on-page and off-page search engine optimization with the course.

10. SEO Training for Beginners by Yoast

SEO Yoast is not just a front runner, but an only runner in the SEO management game. The plugin by Yoast is the most trusted tool to evaluate the SEO quality of any online content. Their marketing training program is the best resource to understand SEO strategy.

The course is free, and even if you are good at SEO strategy, you should try it out. The module gives a thorough introduction to SEO elements, like SEO for content creation, how search engines work, and technical SEO strategy.

11. SEO Bootcamp by MOZ

With a complete boot camp of SEO strategy like this one, you will begin with basic concepts that can be monotonous if you know them well. But eventually, you will get to full-scale training in link building and page optimization.

It is a highly-effective SEO strategy training portal with a price tag of $595. But the credibility of the course is beyond reproach. You will become a vital SEO resource after getting the certification, and it is a worthy investment.

12. Learn SEO by Distilled U

The SEO realm is a long journey, and most of us only get the necessary training. If you want to dive into the deep waters of futuristic SEO, then you have to try the ‘Learn SEO’ by Distilled U. The course has 133 modules that go from basic SEO to the most advanced knowledge and insights available.

It begins with on-page optimization, information architecture, link analysis, keyword research, and technical SEO. But it goes much farther than that and becomes a genuinely game-changing experience, all in $30!


Digital marketing niches, such as content creation and SEO expertise, are not a part of conventional institutions. And even if there is a digital marketing department at your local campus, itmight keep looking out for resources for better training. .

Most digital marketing experts work with the most sophisticated and mostly experimental knowledge they gain by real-life marketing experience.

You will not find those insights and understanding of the digital realm through conventional class lectures. If you are looking to become an expert in a niche of digital marketing, you will have to evaluate your expertise.

Once you have fully understood your potential, you can now go beyond and delve into more profound concepts regarding SEO and content management with these marketing training programs. The SEO world is growing in-depth, and the central outlined ideas are fast becoming antiquated.

Google Algorithms will soon make the basic concepts of onsite and offsite SEO completely obsolete. Try some of the advanced courses if you are looking for ways to grow in your field. You will find game-changing success in your campaigns if you understand the more profound concepts behind SEO and content creation laid out in some of these courses.