Want to triple your income with freelance digital marketing? Do you have an exuberant experience in freelance digital marketing and feel that you are an internet expert? Then you should not be sitting idly by looking around for a payday. You have a right to tap into the intelligent freelance digital marketing techniques that you know to grow your financial worth.

The truth is that we are all living on the internet now and we all believe that we are eligible to run a decent freelance digital marketing campaign. But you do not know how to get the game going. So here we have decided to break down the process of becoming a freelance digital marketer so that you can increase your financial strength.

  • What does it mean to be a freelance digital marketing freelancer?

A freelance digital marketing person can be working in a wide range of fields from social media campaigns, to paid online advertisements and SEO based content creation. The main focus of a freelance digital marketer will be to be as proficient in all of these aspects of freelance digital marketing as possible.

The Digital marketer aims to put the company’s brand, business, product, and identity online. That focuses on ensuring that the company and all of its best promotional aspects are available online for the consumers to review.

Anyone can become a digital marketer with no restrictions on age or expertise. The fact is that modern digital marketing requires knowledge of social media channels, design ability, and a good understanding of the internet. All you really need is a willingness to commit to your craft and gain results.

If you have a commitment to learn the actual process of running a campaign and grasp the expertise needed along the way, you are good to go. No one knows specifically how a digital marketing campaign will be designed; you can only design it once you have the brand in front of you.

Triple Your Income With Freelance Digital Marketing: Key Tricks!

  • What skillset is needed?

The skillset needed to be a professional freelance digital marketer is a wide net. That we will outline here;

Content Writing:

More than half of all the content available online is written so writing is a strong part of freelance digital marketing strategy. You will have to write blog posts, social media posts, content for your graphics and videos, and much more, in order to make a good freelance digital marketing strategy work.

The competition on the internet is fierce, so you will need a content marketing strategy that focuses on developing engaging and high-quality content. Only a highly engaging set of content will be able to help you gain the audience and success that you are hoping for.

Graphic Designing:

Developing graphics-based content is at the core of digital marketing. A good freelance digital marketer should know Adobe Spark, Illustrator, and Premiere, modern online graphic designing tools that are freely available are also pretty helpful.

The main aim of the graphic designs is to develop interactive and engaging content that the users will find easy to engage. That means, you will need advanced video, and graphics making skills. So make sure that you learn all the needed softwares before you start this journey.

Ad Marketing:

Ad campaigns that run on online platforms are completely different from conventional campaigns. There is no conventional training being conducted in these fields. You should look into courses offered by Google and Hubspot to understand the basic fundamentals of advertising online.
Online ads can be pretty expensive because they charge per hour, and the collective can be considerably high. That is why knowing how to use the specification form for an advertisement to gain the best results is crucial to the success of your ad campaigns.

Social Media Campaigning:

Another field that is not taught in conventional colleges, social media campaigns are the bread and butter of digital marketing. You will need to learn how to develop and run campaigns on social media platforms in order to gain the right success.

There are plenty of courses that offer authentic guidance on the matter and are available for free. All you need to do is start running your social media pages and the process can be learned through trial and error.

Triple Your Income With Freelance Digital Marketing: Key Tricks!

  • What platforms are best for freelance digital marketing?

Freelance digital marketing jobs are usually presented on online remote working platforms that allow the user to get long-distance jobs to triple your income with freelance digital marketing. There are a few practical and viable options for you to look into that are listed here. You can easily earn up to $500 at the beginning of your career and your career will only grow with experience.

As time passes, your monthly income can easily grow up to $2500 a month and much more. You will not need to go outside to work and your financial situation can easily use the money.


Fiverr has to be the most famous online platform to gain successful work. Not only freelance digital marketing but content writing, software design, and many other jobs are also readily available on the platform.

The Fiverr pay scale is usually $5 an hour but it is worth it. Many clients raise their prices once they start delivering results. If a low paying job gets you good reviews, you will gain an audience fairly quickly.
The only issue here is that the platform has immense competition and the jobs are considered comparatively low paying. But the platform is great to gain international exposure, develop a strong portfolio, network with clients, and grow as a newbie freelance digital marketer.


Upwork used to be the Fiverr of the internet. It used to have low paying and commonly available jobs with extremely tough competition. But now, the website is the most prestigious portal for freelance jobs on the internet.

You will easily get $250 an hour here and the rates only get better. To have clients on Upwork means you do not need to have a day job at all. You will be fully independent and ready to enjoy your life.

Having an approved profile on Upwork is a real accomplishment as you will get the best jobs in the industry. So if you can swing it, you should certainly go for Upwork and see if you can get good jobs for yourself.


Freelancer is more like Fiverr and less like Upwork, it is good because it has less competition. It is much easier to get a job as a newbie here because people are open to hiring fresh talent on the platform.
That is not to say that you will not succeed on Fiverr or Upwork but Freelancer has comparatively the lowest rates and the easiest job market. Individuals who start here, climb the freelance work ladder fairly quickly.


It is not a freelancing platform but a social media site. Linkedin is Facebook for the professional world. You will make a profile, get endorsements, and show your professional credibility.

It is highly advisable for freelancers to have an active LinkedIn profile so that they can always present their professional credentials to professional clients at a moment’s notice. It is also said that contacting potential clients through LinkedIn is also a good way to get high paying clients.

Facebook Groups:

Last but not the least, Facebook groups for remote freelance digital marketing work are the most diverse and effective way to gain clients online. You will be able to easily send them messages and the variety of projects available to you will be astonishing.

You can triple your income with freelance digital marketing as you will gain the favor and attention of a wide range of international clients who will all be interested in the work that you can do for them. Facebook-based client outreach is certainly the most effective way to gain clients.

  • How can anyone become a freelance digital marketer?

It is a question that we see circling the forums all the time. As stated earlier, freelance digital marketing is a newly emerging field that requires expertise that is not taught on conventional platforms. The fact is that social media-based marketing grew exponentially in the past two or three years.

Now freelance digital marketing is the leading form of marketing conducted by the brands. But freelance digital marketers are not being trained at any conventional institutions effectively. freelance digital marketing is so focused on result-oriented steps and the online marketing world evolves so quickly, that there is little space for professional training.

Google algorithm is updated every year so that SEO strategy has to be updated every year. So are the various cultures and norms of digital marketing. Anyone who is savvy with technology and is eager to grow can learn digital marketing.

And if you are a professional graphic designer with good English and a deep understanding of social media platforms, then you can develop a freelance digital marketing strategy for the brand all by yourself. If your brand strategy is successful then you will be a successful freelance digital marketer.

Many individuals with no MBAs are now running million-dollar freelance digital marketing campaigns for big brands. Most of them focused on learning the tricks of online marketing and soon, their clients trusted them to generate results.

Most of the freelance digital marketing focused clients only want results and do not have any interest in any other factors. Most of the individuals who run freelance digital marketing campaigns only want to know that the client will be behind the campaign.

The connection between the client and the marketer is all that is needed for a good freelance digital marketing campaign to be born. You will be surprised by how little conventional college wisdom you need to work with the digital world.

If you have good knowledge of the internet, then we will advise that you go for it!