What to post on Facebook? The question every digital marketer has to ask themselves every morning. You are a real social media guru, but even the best need some inspiration. So, here we have decided to list the best Facebook engagement post ideas for you to check out. These ideas will help you create a fantastic campaign for your social media strategy.

What to post on Facebook

1. What To Post On Facebook? Question-Based Posts!

When you want to gain your audience’s attention and get traction for your social media page, an excellent way to do that is by making a question-based post. There are two kinds of question-based postings: one is about monotonous events and the other about current events.

If you want reliable traction, it is better to focus on current events. No one will answer the question, ‘what did you have for breakfast?’ unless you are Mark Zuckerberg. That is why, if your item is thought-provoking and invites a discussion, then you will have better traction.

Behind the Scene photos, colloquially known as BTS, are also a great way to showcase your workplace to the world. People tend to trust businesses once they see the insides and are usually too lazy to drive to the workplace personally.

Mercifully, with social media pages, you have a perfect chance to share the insides of your workplace every few months so that no one has to wonder if you are, indeed, a real company!

2. Trending Topics:

There is an endless list of possibilities about how you can use trending topics to your advantage for Facebook engagement post ideas. When individuals listen to the phrase trending topics, they tend to think of controversial issues, but that is not true.

Focus on the latest trending news in your industry because that is a great way to get your target market involved. You will see that your audience will have a pleasant experience working with you if they understand how enthusiastic you are about trends in your niche.

3. Branded Graphics:

Branded graphics is a big area to cover. It can range from a simple logo in the corner of every graphics you create to elaborate videos enjoying your logo. If you are a company that has a reason to flaunt your graphics skills, we advise you to create a complete and engaging video that involves your logo.

For example, a good dominos effect video leading to your logo or vice versa is a great way for you to engage the audience, show your expertise, and present your brand. Your brand strategy and the answer to ‘what to post on Facebook?’ query has to be eye-catching, where it does not necessarily have to be expensive!

4. Story Sharing:

Stories are a great way to get the attention of your audience. Invite your consumers and your viewers to share their stories and post them on your Facebook channel. You will have an excellent campaign to boast about, and your audience will be genuinely connected to your brand.

Make sure that you use your niche in some way. Make a hashtag that includes your brand name or any other way, but it is a simple and effective way to get the word out and make your mark.

5. Product Photos:

Product photos, when taken artistically, are a great way to get the attention of your audience. An excellent example of that process is how restaurants make videos of them cooking their food. It is a unique way to provide value to the clients by showing them the recipe, increasing restaurant credibility by showing your kitchen, and flaunting your product to your clients.

The same process can be done in many ways for Facebook engagement post ideas, and you can gain an influential audience with ‘How to’ videos or videos where your consumers share the experience of using your products.

What to post on Facebook

6. Infographics:

Infographics are here to stay for a long time, and that is why you will see that they are highly effective. Infographics are shared a lot, and you will barely have to promote them at all. You can also make sure that adding catchy and game-changing infographics is a good idea for “what to post on Facebook?”

But there are two kinds of infographics. One is a simple list that you can generate without any effort. Another way is to create a complex infographic that is overflowing with essential statistics and provides eye-catching information.

Both of these infographic types are great, whichever you choose. But make sure that you create plenty of infographics so that you can see a significant change in the brand identity that you develop. It is worth mentioning that 48% of all searches these days are happening on Google Images. When your infographic shows up on Google, you will get a strong brand identity.

7. Flaunt Your Theme:

Have a theme of writing style that you use throughout your content. Most brands follow the same style throughout, so it’s not like we are reinventing the wheel here. But we would remiss if we did not explain the importance of the right tone.

Every brand has its age group, cultural mindset, and genre that they naturally attract. If you develop a tone that keeps all of these elements in mind, you will gain an excellent audience, and you will connect with them on a deeper level.

These are a few unique ideas that we believe every social media manager should know and try out. That is why we strongly recommend that you should check them out as well.

Some Conventional Ideas!

We want to list the three most common interactive Facebook posts ideas you can come up with to get the right Facebook audience. You will see that these ideas are old, tried, and true. But they are not your first line of defense.

What to post on Facebook

These should be listed last because we are all following them, and they have limited attention and retention. But here they are.

(i) Blog Posts:

Blog posts are game-changing when they are done right. If you are developing a blog post that is value-driven, unique, and worth the read, you can grow an influential blogging audience. Then your blog posts will benefit your social media page as well.

But these schemes will only work if you have good content that will carry itself. Make sure that the blog posts you develop are unique, well-researched, and provide actual value to the readers so that they can contribute as interactive Facebook posts.

(ii) Discounts And Sales:

Discounts and sales are compulsory for every brand. We all know of the Christmas sale and the Halloween Sale, end of the year sale, and many others. But the fact is that a deal and the discount campaign has a limited reach. Few consumers who are going to be permanent are ever availed through sales and discounts.

It is not a bad idea if you have some extra inventory that is sitting in the corner. But you need to understand that the scope of actually increasing brand awareness, ROI, or any other worthy goals are rarely achieved through discounts and sales.

(iii) Contests And Giveaways:

Contests and giveaways are an excellent way to make sure that you have the right audience. Audience participation increases multi-folds with contests, and they are the right digital marketing tool. But many brands are presently doing giveaways and discounts so that you can barely stay unique in this regard.

What to post on Facebook? If you have an excellent giveaway idea, then you should consider trying it out, but you will have a hard time gaining long-term loyal clients through this method as well.

Good Photography Is A Worthy Investment!

If there is one ROI generating venue that we believe in, it is the photography of your products. Your product photographs and all the content that is shared on the page must be developed in a high resolution and professional manner.

That will allow you to create an authentic visual identity for your brand. Good photographers are usually expensive, but we will advise those good photographers, and the right cameras are both well worth the cost.


The reason for us to develop this blog post was to discuss the Facebook posting culture and allow you to see it in a different light. Yes, the conventional ROI driven content styles are great, but Facebook is mainly a social media site.

You will find a strong brand identity if you curb your desire to invest in your Facebook page. Use your Facebook page to connect with your consumers and share your knowledge with them. The more open you are to share your product, the better they will feel about your brand.

In conclusion, make sure that you have a good Facebook posting culture that will allow you to gain long term exposure and help you get faithful brand followers. Plain old gimmicks are not the best way to get the perfect brand recognition for your company.