Who doesn’t want to ditch the 9 to 6 grind and crawl back to the life of comfort and convenience?

The top affiliates don’t only build castles in the air but actually lives a charmed life where they aren’t tied to a monotonous working schedule.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what the reality is.

Want to experience the feel of being your own boss?

Let’s visualize how things work when you are the boss and the employee as well.

Delivering value to the prospects while sustaining the momentum is no easy feat. However, some assistance surely helps.

To all the affiliates still in the nascent phases of affiliate marketing – starting with the right affiliate marketing tools can genuinely optimize the entire thing while offering you an edge.

The right affiliate marketing tool significantly reduces dependency over conventional marketing tactics, gives a better understanding of the current market, and makes you win the war of attracting and converting prospects.

This article will serve as a written tutorial that works more like a free affiliate marketing training course that teaches you to attract traffic while playing safe.

What makes affiliate marketing a considerable niche?

Apparently, the staggeringly rising popularity of the affiliate business is what makes this niche a highly sought after one.

The affiliate business starts off quite simple but begins to evolve once the affiliate dives into the depths.

Like in any other business sector, the affiliate business also requires serious efforts, extended screen time, and increased caffeine intake.

However, the effort seems justified with all the relief the affiliate enjoys in the long run. Still better than the daily grind.

The whole concept might sound pretty nerve-racking. But a little help can ensure you get the most clicks.

A perfect recipe for a thriving affiliate business requires a steady approach to make a smooth transition from an average wannabe to a pro affiliate.

Besides, there a few more factors that make the affiliate arena more appealing to the newbies.

Escape from the 9 to 5 grind

The best bit about the affiliate business is that you set your own working hours according to your availability and convenience. The working flexibility you get in the affiliate sphere is unmatchable.

Versatile marketplace

Affiliate marketing operates on a vast network of affiliates joining all across the globe. The inclusivity present in the affiliate culture opens up massive business opportunities, which never let the affiliates run out of work. 24/7 business availability is a great attraction that makes the affiliate business far more appealing.

A Lucrative side hustle

With a steady affiliate network, the affiliate enjoys diverse revenue streams and a stable passive income flow that stays up to generate profit at all times.

No need for a physical store

While working as an affiliate, all you have to do is choose a niche and promote the niche-relevant product. The affiliate doesn’t have to own a physical store or procure inventory. All they do is to promote the third party stuff.

Low investment

You can embark on affiliate marketing even if you don’t have an investment in your backup. However, a little money on hand can help you set up a website that acts as a medium of communication between the affiliate and the third parties.

Time to have a run through AMM’s approved affiliate marketing tools that will split you apart from the throngs of affiliates out there.

AMM’s approved affiliate marketing tools


AnyTrack is a progress tracking software that measures the affiliate’s progress by tracking and syncing the total conversions from the network. The two most utilized affiliate marketing tools for tracking and syncing are Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Measuring allows the affiliate to stay on Track while continually improving the campaign’s performance. Tracking conversions provide the affiliate with practical details that help with the optimization of the campaign.

Any track is a proper affiliate tool that automates and connects all the analytics and pixels. The tool monitor affiliate links and forms submissions automatically.

Besides, if the affiliate leverages Google or Facebook Ads, he gets the convenience of integrating Any Track with a single click.

Unlike other affiliate marketing tools, Any Track builds custom audiences for retargeting campaigns across all pixels. Any Track also works in conformity with Google and Facebook’s tracking policies, keeping you and your personal data secured.


AMM’s –approved next affiliate marketing tool is Flippa that is a perfect fit for the affiliates who don’t want the hassle of establishing a website right from scratch. Flippa works by assisting affiliates in trading their running websites for a profit.

Flippa is great for new affiliates who want to start off a solo affiliate journey with a website having a proven track record. With this affiliate marketing tool, the affiliate gets a chance to bid on other affiliate sites. Also, Flippa allows the affiliates to buy sites with a robust backlink profile that supercharges their site’s SEO.

Pro tip: To procure the right domain, we recommend a thorough audit to ensure that the domain is free from illicit practices like PBNs. Executing this tip will avert all the odds of penalty while providing you a reliable site, free from black hat SEO practices. To play safe in the internet market, a trusted site like Flippa is something good to go with.


If you want an all-in-one tool that helps curate high volume keywords, fix glitches, and providers an in-depth competitor analysis, SEMrush is the most dependable option. All the giant internet marketers trust SEMrush all across the globe.

With its significantly large database system, the tool promotes transparency without making the affiliate lose sight of the opponent’s strategy.

From monitoring organic placement of a domain to landing a URL on Google’s SERPs to a proper opponent analysis, SEMrush tracks it all.

SEMrush lets the affiliate have an in-depth insight into his current status that introduces clarity and, consequently, improves the content’s quality and impact.

If you’re frequently publishing content and using it to widen your digital footprint, using SEMrush can add that much-needed boost.

From content inspection to post tracking to SEO Content Template tools, SEMrush’s varying content enhancing features pinpoint every aspect that positions the affiliate down in Google’s algorithm.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is earning significant fame because of its easy interface and advanced functionalities. The tool’s analytical features are a complete SEO solution for WordPress sites.

Affiliates can take their SEO game up a notch with Yoast SEO’s advanced SEO functions that customize the overall site’s SEO.

The online Yoast SEO’s extension helps you optimize the content and indicate the overall performance. The various features available on Yoast lets you maintain a standard sentence length, focuses on readability, and detects the passive sentences.

When you alter the tweaks mentioned, Yoast updates the readability and SEO status to good, which indicates that the content is ready for publication.

The good part is that the tool comes in both free and premium versions. Both the free and advanced version supports advanced SEO functionalities. However, the premium version has more advanced features for altering broken pages, which maintains the webpages’ SERP ranking.


Grammarly is an automated grammar checker that eliminates contextual spelling errors. The extension helps in generating error-free content, which makes the content reliable and valuable.

If you often post content, then running your content on Grammarly can help you eliminate typos and sentence structure, which otherwise doesn’t meet the eye.

The extension is simple to use. You can either integrate it into the MS word software or sign up for an online extension. Once you upload the content on the tool, it will automatically highlight correction.

Just apply the suggestions popping up and generate error-free content. Grammarly also has paid and free versions. The paid one opens up access to more features and provides a thorough content examination, whereas the free one offers limited corrections.

The tool is great to generate consistent quality content with a standard level of accuracy maintained each time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is great for identifying and targeting a niche audience. The tool tracks the visitors of the website and provides the most extensive offerings to the affiliates.

Google Analytics is great for the affiliate as it helps with tracking the daily visitors on a website. The tool lets the affiliate track a variety of behaviors, which consequently helps with forming a targeted strategy.

Google Analytics, a tool that helps derive the most genuine strategies by tracking links, conversions and different behaviors. Simply put, the tool helps with shaping a roadmap that helps with meeting the targets in real-time.

Since the tool sketches the definite picture of the actual happenings, measuring the path towards goals becomes transparent.

All it requires is a little effort to get you moving in the right direction.