Although gender equality made admirable progress in the past year and made a move from women’s traditional roles. Many people still think affiliate marketing and managing personal finances are extreme male businesses. The reasons may differ from person to person. However, here we are not going to discuss that but the role of women as successful financial experts. Fortunately, the women working in affiliate marketing or personal finances have received more recognition and made a big move to stir the fields’ techniques.

This women’s day, we planned to tell the stories of successful female finance managers and affiliate marketers. Including their role in changing the trends of the finance business. Considering the numbers, people often speculate that women avoid finance positions without doing proper research on them. However, in this blog, you will meet some amazing and fresh faces who are into affiliate marketing and finance management for a long time and started their career in the fields just earlier.

1. Missy Ward

Missy Ward is a mom, a philanthropist, and a renowned affiliate marketer. They spent dozens of years in various companies until she became the co-founder of Affiliate Summit Corporation in 2003. Alongside Shawn Collins on an investment of $400.

Affiliate Summit Corporation is a media enterprise that offers solo entrepreneurs a space to start a large business and opportunities to create a fortune in affiliate marketing via trade, conferences, magazines, running shows, etc.

Missy Ward started her affiliate business by managing her personal finances, and then she decided to open an alternative path to finding efficiency and success in affiliate marketing. The approval of her idea leads to the birth of Affiliate Summit Corporation. She self-funded her own dream with the help of her savings and proof to the world that a woman can do affiliate marketing better.

Their first show had only 200 attendees. Their last updated show recorded 5000 attendees showing her struggle and hard work to make the program an epitome of success that motivates women to choose affiliate marketing as their career. It all becomes possible only because Missy decided to manage her finance for a better future.

2. Kristy McCubbin

In 1999, Kristy McCubbin started her first job as an SEO specialist. This is where she created an affiliate program for one of her clients as a part of her career. Gradually, she trained in the field and received her first commission. After that, she completely took the hang of affiliate marketing. Today, she earns 85% of her revenue through PPC and pulls most of the traffic from Google AdWords. Kristy also performs Bing and Yahoo PPC to landing pages.

She is a mom who loves to travel the world with her family, and she makes it possible by managing her finances. Her mantra is to ‘Create traffic first and monetize later,’ and she firmly believes in this idea. Nevertheless, this notion ultimately leads her to become a pro of affiliate marketing.

3. Caroline

Caroline is a fresh face in personal finances. She is a mom and founder of Swaddles n’ Bottles that she started in 2016. Her goal is to share the experience and challenges of motherhood with all the other women who are in their period of becoming a mom to make their life easier.

She started this business because of her passion for blogging about motherhood that helps her manage her personal finance. She molded her passion into a job and made it her dream.

In A Nutshell

Personal finances are not about gender but skills and passion. Everyone can become a successful affiliate marketer only if they are focused on managing their finances and put their savings into a resourceful place.

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